Our purpose

We bring together the most actionable network of expertise to empower changemakers to launch & scale businesses for a more sustainable future.

Our story

In a world where seeking progress has become the norm, we do realize we can’t take our planet for granted. We are responsible for our impact on ecosystems and on future generations.

We believe there is a growing urgency for regenerative thinking and action from all stakeholders.

The good news is we are not alone. We see more and more people, from all around the world, with expertise in their field, networks, resources and determined to take or support action to bring about systemic change.

They are willing to act for a positive impact. We call them Impactivs.

At Impactivs, we are a collective of entrepreneurs who all believe that more business ventures tackling environmental and social issues will be launched and thrive if changemakers are provided with the right community and interface to support each other. At Impactivs, we believe in a future where impact entrepreneurship has become mainstream.


Meet our team

Elie Casamitjana - man portrait

Elie Casamitjana

Elie has 15 years experience across most stages of a business activity lifecycle within start-up, scale-up, and enterprise environments.

He ran large innovation & transformation programs and launched, grew and managed international product lines in the digital and retail space. He also had the opportunity to design, recruit and grow various product and program teams.

mariegeneste impactivs

Marie Geneste

After working in Sales, Marketing, Strategy and UX for blue-chip tech companies, Marie felt that her skills could help bridge the gap between intention and action in sustainable consumption. 

She founded The C Collective, a consultancy on a mission to scale sustainable innovation thanks to outstanding user experiences. She has helped many people and planet-friendly organisations grow and scale thanks to better user research, service design, marketing and business processes.

ewaldvanhaver impactivs

Ewald Van Haver

Ewald started his career in large Telecom & Fintech companies. He shifted from Marketing & Product Management to Operations and later on Data Management, while growing his interest, experience and knowledge in people management. After a decade in corporate roles, he started his company from scratch and managed to grow it to a €2M revenue business with positive EBITDA in 2 years.

Now his ambition is to leverage those experiences to help purpose-led entrepreneurs fulfil their dreams and grow their ideas into thriving organizations.

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