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For a sustainable future, time is of the essence. So is your expertise.

Put your skills and experience to good use by helping talented entrepreneurs launch & scale businesses for a most sustainable future!


Who are the Experts?

They are talented professionals with many years of experience in specific fields and industries. May it be business or sustainability oriented, they have a successful track record in their domain and want to put it to good use.

You have gained experience and skills throughout the years. You want to put them to good use and are interested to help passionate founders build a sustainable future. Impactivs has been designed for you. We’ll help you turn your know-how and skills into interactive training, programs, and resources. Minimal effort for you. Maximum value for the planet!

Why become an Expert?

Quality & Peer review

In order for our founders to succeed, we highly value the Quality of our Experts. During your time at Impactivs, we foresee trainings and we ask customers on their feedback.

During the application, we work based on reference by an existing Impactivs Expert to have your first Quality stamp.

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