Validate It

Build continuous customer feedback loop

Eager to gain confidence on your business idea? Want to rationalize your gut feeling? Want to build an agile, customer centric approach to product development?

Validate It

What does it consist of?

Your product & services are associated with assumptions around your audiences’ problems, expectations, and how you can engage with them. In this module, we’ll leave no room to guessing anymore. You’ll be in a position to map all your key assumptions and go validate them to create reassurance about your business idea potential.

How will it work?

  • RunBook. These are self-service insights and tools to use on your own to prepare the mentoring session with the Impactivs expert’. For this module: assumption map, Customer Discovery Self-Help.
  • Mentoring session. This is a 45-60 minutes mentoring session with our expert to review the Deliverables, answer your questions and share live insights and feedback.
  • Final Check. Following the session, you’ll be able to tune your Deliverables and ask for another round of feedback from the expert

What you get out of it?

  • Overview of all assumptions made around your business idea
  • Identification of ways to (in)validate them.

What will it enable?

  • Fact check of your business model blind spots, 
  • Create additional confidence & reassurance in your business idea potential and ways to deliver it!
  • Integrate the process to continuously learn and improve your products & services based on ongoing learnings