Package It

Craft an attractive offering!

What problem are you trying to solve? For who? What is your solution? Why should your customers pick vs you other alternatives?

Package It

What does it consist of?

We’ll guide you through the steps to turn your product or service into a clear narrative, crafted to get attention and interest from your audience.

How will it work?

  • RunBook. These are self-service insights and tools to use on your own to prepare the mentoring session with the Impactivs expert’. For this module: Value Proposition Builder, Positioning Frame.
  • Mentoring session. This is a 45-60 minutes mentoring session with our expert to review the Deliverables, answer your questions and share live insights and feedback.
  • Final Check. Following the session, you’ll be able to tune your Deliverables and ask for another round of feedback from the expert

What you get out of it?

  • Value Proposition Messaging
  • Positioning statement
  • Key Selling points

What will it enable?

  • A packaged solution that makes sense for your audience
  • Clarity on your differentiators
  • Articulate what makes you unique in a easy to understand and compelling way