Clean It

Make your business activities (c)leaner

Do you feel some of your activities are redundant, repetitive or not optimized for purpose? Do you feel you spend too much time doing work that isn’t where the real value is? Through this sessions, we’ll go through your key activities and provide you the method to remove unnecessary tasks & steps in the way to deliver your business goals.

Clean It

What does it consist of?

We’ll dig into your business activities and processes to identify and distinguish waste from added value and define the right improvement actions to focus on what brings value to you.

How will it work?

  • RunBook. These are self-service insights and tools to use on your own to prepare the mentoring session with the Impactivs expert’. For this module: Impactivs’ 3-step prioritization, Key-areas of value exercise, Eisenhower decision matrix, 3×3 prioritization method.
  • Mentoring session. This is a 45-60 minutes mentoring session with our expert to review the Deliverables, answer your questions and share live insights and feedback.
  • Final Check. Following the session, you’ll be able to tune your Deliverables and ask for another round of feedback from the expert

What you get out of it?

  • Lean business activities overview
  • Prio list for improvement according to highest impact and lowest effort

What will it enable?

  • Clean up your activities from non-essential or non valuable tasks
  • Focus on value-adding services
  • You’ll identify areas where you can delegate or automate for further streamlining your activities